For BPD Awareness Week, a webinar featuring our member Liz and her son Jake talking about the Family Connections® course and how it has helped them.


Here is a recording of the Webinar


BPD Affects The Whole Family

When a loved one has borderline personality disorder, family and loved ones often suffer quite a bit. Since BPD can include a pattern of intense and stormy relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, they may be on the roller coaster of extreme closeness and love (idealization) to extreme dislike or anger (devaluation). Changeable moods, high-risk behavior, suicidality and intense anger are often part of life for a person with BPD and thus, they become part of life for those who love him or her. Families of people with BPD may benefit from support, skills training and sometimes their own therapy. The challenges of dealing with an ill relative on a daily basis can be very stressful, and family members may unknowingly act in ways that negatively impact their relative.

This webinar is a panel discussion featuring

  • Dr Perry Hoffman, co-creator of Family Connections and President of the National Education Alliance for BPD
  • Liz Hodgman, carer peer and Family Connections facilitator
  • Jake Hodgman, person with lived experience of BPD
  • Carolyn Bright, DBT clinician Fremantle Hospital and Family Connections leader trainer
  • Jennie Fitzhardinge, webinar facilitator and Family Connections leader, and
  • Terri-Lee Hill, Family Connections Leader. 

When: Thursday 4 October 2018 at 8.00 pm (AEST) or 7.30pm (Adelaide time)
Where: On-line Webinar
Hosted by NEA.BPD for BPD Awareness Week 2018


Part 2 of the webinar was held on 5 December 2018