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Sanctuary members regularly contribute to this blog with information of interest to Carers of people with BPD.
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Christmas Wishes 2018

Dear Sanctuary members. My granddaughters tell me it is only three more sleeps till Christmas morning so it is definitely time I wrote to you all with my Christmas thoughts and wishes. I must admit I have been struggling with how to wish you...

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Self-harm and BPD, from Gunderson and Hoffman Publication

Suicidal and Self-Injurious Behaviour in Borderline Personality Disorder Barbara Stanley, Ph.D. Beth S. Brodsky, Ph.D.   Deliberately inflicted self-harm in the context of borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be disturbing, frightening, and shame provoking to...

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Thoughts for Carers, by Robert Trett

Thoughts for Carers from Robert Trett, of Spectrum Personality Disorder Service, Victoria Criticism turns off hearing Threats fall on deaf ears Love and encouragement offer the strongest hope We cling to the belief that if we prop someone up for long enough, he or she...

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Siblings and Mental Illness – Fact Sheet

Recently added to the website
From the Archives – 2017

One of our members asked for info to help siblings who live with a brother or sister diagnosed with a mental illness and when I read this Fact Sheet, Siblings and Mental Health, from Centacare and Siblings Australia, I thought others might find it useful as well.

Share it with any siblings who are struggling with their brother or sister.

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Validation Vs Tough Love

At times, carers of people living with BPD have asked me if tough love is what they should be doing to help the person they care for, to make them "grow up", or to give them ultimatums if they don't change their behaviours. I have always answered that...

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Christmas Thoughts

Hi Everyone, Bob and I struggled with our Christmas message to you all, trying to find the right words to let you know we were thinking of you all at this time of the year, and most of all to help those of you who are apprehensive about Christmas to...

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