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Sanctuary members regularly contribute to this blog with information of interest to Carers of people with BPD.
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Please Listen – a poem

When I ask that you listen to me, and you give advice, you have not heard what I ask of you When I ask that you listen to me, and you tell me why I shouldn’t feel as I do, you are trampling on my feelings When I ask you to listen to me, and you feel you have to find...

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Thoughts for Carers, by Robert Trett

Thoughts for Carers from Robert Trett, of Spectrum Personality Disorder Service, Victoria Criticism turns off hearing Threats fall on deaf ears Love and encouragement offer the strongest hope We cling to the belief that if we prop someone up for long enough, he or she...

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Validation Vs Tough Love

At times, carers of people living with BPD have asked me if tough love is what they should be doing to help the person they care for, to make them "grow up", or to give them ultimatums if they don't change their behaviours. I have always answered that...

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How Validation can help someone with BPD

Families must try new strategies, especially when their loved one refuses to get help.

When parents use validation, the emotionality of a person with borderline will decrease. This strategy will help those with ill spouses or ill parents too.

What does validation mean and how can it help a person with Borderline Personality Disorder?

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How Carers can Help Someone with BPD

Listen objectively to what the person we care for is trying to tell us. Learn about BPD and how it is affecting him/her right now. Validate – learn and apply the skill of validating.

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This website is produced by members of the Sanctuary Support Group. We are not mental health professionals nor clinicians.  We are ordinary people who care for someone with BPD. This website is a collection of information that we have found helpful or of interest in the context of our own lived experiences. The content of this website is not a substitute for independent professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.