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Sanctuary members regularly contribute to this blog with information of interest to Carers of people with BPD.
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April 2019 Sanctuary Meeting – 9 April

Our next Sanctuary meeting is Tuesday, April 9, from 4 to 6pm in the Administration and Learning Services Building at Glenside Health Services, 226 Fullarton Road, Glenside (in the south western corner of the campus)

New members are welcome.

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March 2019 Sanctuary Meeting – Dr Robin L. Kissell

Dr. Robin L. Kissell MD is the Director of the Borderline Personality Disorder Initiative, Semel Institute, UCLA.   

At our March meeting, we listened to this recording of her excellent talk:

‘Understanding and Helping Loved Ones with Borderline Personality Disorder’

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When Living with Borderline Personality Disorder is Exhausting – The Mighty Blog Post

Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) is exhausting.

It’s like living on an emotional roller coaster 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You just don’t know how you will wake up or what triggers you’ll have to face during the day — these can be anything from words to sights to thoughts.

Emotions fly into your head fast, and before you even really think about it, you’ve totally catastrophized whatever started the thought in the first place.

Or on the other side of the scale, you feel absolutely nothing at all, just emptiness.

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How Validation can help someone with BPD

Recently added to the website from the archives.

Families must try new strategies, especially when their loved one refuses to get help.

When parents use validation, the emotionality of a person with borderline will decrease. This strategy will help those with ill spouses or ill parents too.

What does validation mean and how can it help a person with Borderline Personality Disorder?

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