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Sanctuary members regularly contribute to this blog with information of interest to Carers of people with BPD.
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November 2018 Sanctuary Meeting – 13 November

The next Sanctuary meeting will be on Tuesday, November 13, from 4 to 6pm at Skylight, 5 Cooke Tce Wayville.

New members are welcome.

Video Educational Session

Emerging BPD and Youth Working Group

Floorplan of the new BPD Centre on Greenhill Rd

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October 2018 Sanctuary Meeting – Kirsty Burns

Kirsty Burns was the Guest Speaker at our Sanctuary meeting on Tuesday, October 9.

Kirsty Burns works in the Short stay Unit (Mental Health) at Flinders Medical Centre . She explained what happens in the Emergency Department when we take our family member there, who gets to see them to assess them and how do they get to see a psychiatrist, if at all. To help us understand how the system works and whether our expectations are unrealistic to fit in with hospital protocol and reduce some of the frustrations we experience.

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2018 National BPD Conference – Recordings

Recordings from the conference have been published by the Australian BPD Foundation. Sponsored by Australian BPD Foundation: The 8th Annual National Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Conference, 10-11 September 2018 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane,...

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Siblings and Mental Illness – Fact Sheet

Recently added to the website
From the Archives – 2017

One of our members asked for info to help siblings who live with a brother or sister diagnosed with a mental illness and when I read this Fact Sheet, Siblings and Mental Health, from Centacare and Siblings Australia, I thought others might find it useful as well.

Share it with any siblings who are struggling with their brother or sister.

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The Nine Diagnostic Criteria, Explained

Recently added to the website from the Archives – 2016

There are nine diagnostic symptoms in the DSM.

This article explores what the nine symptoms of BPD mean for carers and families.

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May 2013 Sanctuary Meeting – Dr Martha Kent

Recently added to the Website
From the Archives – 2013

Dr Martha Kent was Guest Speaker at the Sanctuary meeting on Tuesday, May 13, 2013.

She spoke about managing anger (a symptom which is experienced by some people with BPD)

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