Ten Essential Limits for Romantic Relationships

In this article, Randi Kruger talks about what both partners need to do to help their relationship.

I would recommend that initially you should not have any expectations of changing the person with BPD or in “making them” learn how to deal with their anger etc. As we said at our last meeting, we cannot make our loved ones do anything. They will seek help to change when they are ready, and for us to suggest they get help, will only aggravate the situation before you even start.

I would just concentrate on the 10 limits that are suggested.

And do remember that the person with BPD usually feels they are worthless and live with a great sense of shame, so whatever you do, do it with compassion, remembering the emotional pain they live with.

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– Judy


by Randi Kruger, published on the BPD Central website

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash


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