9th Annual Borderline Personality Disorder Conference 2019

BPD – Best Practice Deserved


Conference – November 15th

We will explore the various facets of what is Best Practice for supporting/treating people impacted by BPD and looking at ‘what works’ and current research
Keynote Speaker: Professor Jayashri Kulkarni
Lived Experience: Carissa Wright, Mahlie Jewell and Dr Kyla Cassells, Aaron Fornarino, Tania Lacey
For: people with lived experience, families, friends & clinicians
Friday 15th November 2019
Where: Bayview Eden Melbourne, 6 Queens Road, Albert Park  VIC  3004
Registrations: Now open!  Register online at the Australian BPD Foundation
Hosted by: Australian BPD Foundation


Pre-Conference – November 14th

A/Prof Sathya Rao will present a workshop exploring:
Working with Complexity (psych-social problems as well as BPD, or co-existing problems, co-existing diagnoses)
For: Mental health professionals
Thursday 14th November
Where: Spectrum Personality Disorder Service, Level 1, 110 Church St, Richmond 3121



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