After much thought, I have reluctantly decided, given the recommendations from the Government re the corona virus, it is best to cancel our support meetings for the time being.

I am very sorry to do this as I think we may need even more support from each other at this time, but with the Government’s directive to keep a distance from each other and to not gather in groups unnecessarily, I feel this is the best thing to do.

At the same time, Skylight has also decided to stop all of their support groups. Given that we are under their umbrella and they cover us for insurance, this is another reason to stop our meetings till things improve.

Meanwhile if any of you need support and would like to chat with me, I am very happy to do that. Contact us here If I am not available, there may be other members, like some of the Family Connections leaders, who could support you. Again, contact me and I can pass on the contact details for those who have indicated they can help.

All the best.



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