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Sanctuary members regularly contribute to this blog with information of interest to Carers of people with BPD.
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When you can never be enough

Dr Margaret Rutherford talks about the exhaustion and guilt that can be felt by someone who’s trying to love a person with BPD. She offer nine strategies to try to ease the guilt

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Webinar: The Impact of Suicidality on Family and Friends

On Thursday 25 July 2019, a webinar from NEA.BPD for family members who have experienced, witnessed or learned about their loved one’s suicide attempt and may have increased distress, grief, overwhelming worry or fear about their loved one’s safety, increased alertness or hypervigilance, and uncertainty about how to respond to their loved one’s behaviour.

Family members often find themselves anticipating the next crisis, without a chance to recover or process the previous one.

The Special Guest presenter is Dr. Luciana Payne, Ph.D, a Clinical Psychologist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA

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Children who have a Parent with Mental Illness

Some members support a child or grandchild whose parent has been diagnosed with, or has symptoms of BPD.
I know this causes more distress for you as you try to give the best care to the little one (or sometimes not so little!!)

Here are links to some information that may help you in your care for childen or grandchildren.

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Therapeutic Groups at Skylight

This summer, Skylight is running two types of Therapeutic Groups in various locations:

  • Everyday Wellbeing, for people experiencing anxiety and or depression
  • Sound Minds, supporting people who hear voices
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    Choosing a Therapist

    From our January Meeting, what to look for in a new clinician, and some questions you may like to ask a therapist before you actually make an appointment.

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    Lived Experience Telephone Support Service 1800 013 755

    1800 013 755 is a new after hours telephone support service at Skylight.

    The new Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS) phone line aims to assist people to access mental health support during the hours of 5pm – 11:30pm, 365 days a year.

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    The Project Air Website – a useful resource

    Hallo again. At our meeting last Tuesday, I promised to send information re the Project Air website. Project Air works with health services, agencies, clinicians, families and carers, and consumers, to improve treatments for personality disorders in NSW....

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    Siblings and Mental Illness – Fact Sheet

    One of our members asked for info to help siblings who live with a brother or sister diagnosed with a mental illness and when I read this Fact Sheet, Siblings and Mental Health, from Centacare and Siblings Australia, I thought others might find it useful as well.

    Share it with any siblings who are struggling with their brother or sister.

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    This website is produced by members of the Sanctuary Support Group. We are not mental health professionals nor clinicians.  We are ordinary people who care for someone with BPD. This website is a collection of information that we have found helpful or of interest in the context of our own lived experiences. The content of this website is not a substitute for independent professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.